Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Socialism Infecting Christianity

A plug for a sponsor that turned into an important lesson for our Christian friends.


JT said...

Your claim that most Christians don't really believe the dogma really meshes with my experience growing up as a Catholic. Even very young it seemed to me no one truly believes what they were saying every Sunday that they believe. In fact I finally became agnostic myself when at the age of 16 I realized that even the priests didn't believe what they were saying.

I have to wonder, is Socialism infecting Christianity, or does Socialism naturally progress from Christianity? To me it seems like Socialism is what happens when you take the methods of personal salvation taught by Christ and make them policy.

Ras al Ghul said...

Socialism infected Christianity.

Not infecting, infected, Christianity is now diseased with it.

During times of abundance (and for the west it has been that way for 400 years with a food supply and that has been more stable and diverse than before in history) people rebel against the rules.

When hardship occurs people cling to the rules.

James said...


As a Christian it pains me to admit that your observations of the Church in America is pretty much spot on. It is the belief of myself and a few others that the fall of the United States is directly due to the failure of the modern Church to preach ALL of the Word of God, including the parts that are less that “seeker friendly”. We also fall far short of our responsibility to live up to what we should be preaching. If you’re interested in digging more into the intersection of religion, marketing, and economics among protestants, and how this has brought the Church to where it is today, take a look at Bill Hybels, the Willow Creek Church, and the Willow Creek Association. Satan is the great deceiver and none have been more deceived than the Church in America. It’s also worth noting that the first horseman of the Apocalypse is Deception, a false prophet.

However, there is always hope. Maybe not the hope that we’re looking for as humans, but the overriding message of the Apocalypse/Book of Revelation is that God is supreme, in control and nothing happens without it being part of his plan, opaque as it might be to us. I didn’t see this in “Enjoy the Decline!”. Maybe something to consider adding to the second edition.

Anonymous said...

Christianity is the Grandmother of Socialism.

Anonymous said...

No fucktard Christianity did not mother socialism. The two do not have anything in common. Go back to your basement, dweeb.